December 12, 2014

Bruisa - Dog of the Week

Name: Bruisa
Breed: Malteze Shin Tzu
Age: 2
Favourite Park: Queenscliff Lagoon
DoggyBag Meal: Chicken

His Story
Meet Bruisa - he's an adorable little pup with a tough name (chosen by Dad) but the sweetest softest teddybear.

Bruisa has been in our lives since he was a puppy, and due to a wonderful friendship with Bruisa’s ‘hoomans’, Bruisa and Soldier became forced besties.

Our first memory of Bruisa was on a picnic down at the beach, Soldier and Bruisa were playing chasing on the sand and out of nowhere Bruiser jumped over a wave and into the water.  In went a big fluffy white furball - out came a little drowned rat!

Inside that tiny body is a pup with a big beautiful heart, Bruisa loves cuddles and snuggles and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  He loves being on the beach and his favourite place is Queensie Lagoon where he goes every night when his parents get home from work.

Bruisa is a bit of a fussy eater.  One time on a family holiday Bruisa was given a can of tuna with his kibble.  Within 5 minutes Bruisa’s face had swollen up to the size of a basketball.. No more fish for Bruisa!

DoggyBag decided to stick to the chicken recipe for Bruisa which gives him variety to his kibble only diet.  As Bruisa is under our 5kg weight, we’ve tailored a meal plan for him, so he can enjoy both his dry breakfast and a delicious chicken meal for dinner.

Keep being a cutie Bruisa, you make us laugh! 


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