December 4, 2014

Bella - Dog of the Week

Name:  Bella
Breed: Pug x Jack Russell
Age: 3
Favourite Park: Sirius Cove, Mosman
DoggyBag Dinner:  Chicken

Her Story:

Meet beautiful Bella!  She was DoggyBag’s very first customer so she’s very special to us.

Bella’s ‘hoomans’ came to us as close friends to express their frustration and concerns over Bella’s eating habits and constant vomiting after eating.  As we had experienced similar problems with Soldier we took up the challenge to make her fall in love with food again.

We started Bella on the DoggyBag Fish meal, which is great for dogs with sensitive tummies. There’s not much more to say other than Bella hasn’t vomited since and now she woofs down her dinner every night.  We’ve also introduced different flavours like the Chicken recipe every now and then to give her variety.

Bella’s a tomboy at heart, she’s sociable and independent and will often befriend other families down at the park but watch her because she’s also known to steal other dogs toys.

But when at home Bella loves nothing more than a cuddle with Mum, but gets jealous of her parents affection for each other, which is why she chooses to sleep in her parent’s bed just to make sure no funny business happens.

We love you Bella.


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